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 Shunshin no Shisui

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Name: Uchiha Shisui
First Manga Appearance: Chapter 222
First Anime Appearance: Naruto Episode 129
Name Meaning: Uchiha=wa/ha character switch to make "fan"; Shisui=Stagnant or still water, also a test drilling
Hidden Village: Leaf Village
Notable Features: Nicknamed "Shunshin no Shisui" (Body-Flicker Shisui), Said to be the most skilled Uchiha clan member
Current Status: Deceased
See also: Uchiha Itachi
Uchiha Shisui was said to be the most skilled of the Uchiha clan. Several years previously he apparently committed suicide by drowning in the Nakano River. He and Uchiha Itachi were close comrades.

Shisui possessed the ability to enter into the minds of others and implant false thoughts to control them. This helped him gain a reputation among other villages. At some point Shisui battled with ninja from Hidden Mist. Mist ninja Ao was able to witness Shisui in action during this time.

Some time later, both Itachi and Shisui were to meet at an Uchiha clan meeting, but both men did not arrive. When the Konoha Police Corps found Shisui's body, they began to investigate his death. A suicide note was found with Shisui's body. Though it was in Shisui’s handwriting, anyone utilizing the Sharingan could have copied and mimicked his writing style. In the note Shisui said he was tired of his Uchiha duties and that the clan had no future. The police found it hard to believe Shisui would suddenly give everything up and kill himself, they suspected that Itachi may have been involved. When Itachi was confronted by the police about his whereabouts, he grew angry at their accusations and their doubts so he began to attack the police. Itachi's father reprimanded his son and the matter was considered dropped.

Itachi later wiped out the other members of his clan and told Sasuke he had killed his best friend Shisui to test his capacity and gain the Mangekyou Sharingan. To get this new Sharingan variation, he claimed one had to kill their best friend. At some point after his death, Shisui's remains were taken and used by ANBU Root leader Danzou. Shisui's right arm and eye were implanted into Danzou for his own purposes. When Danzou was later selected for the Sixth Hokage position, he traveled to the Iron Country for a Kage Summit. On the way there he was attacked, so he removed his bandages and used Shisui’s eye and arm to defend himself. Later when Mifune, the Kage Summit moderator, suggested that Danzou lead a Five Great Shinobi Country alliance, the other Kage were surprised. Shaken by the strange feelings, Mizukage entourage member Ao used his Byakugan to look at Danzou. He then revealed to the gathered attendants that Danzou had portions of Shisui in his body.

Sharingan - Copying Wheel Eye
Mangekyou Sharingan - Kaleidoscope Copying Wheel Eye
Amaterasu - Goddess of the Sun
Tsukuyomi - God of the Moon
Susanoo - God of the Sea and Storms
Bunshin Bakuha
Katon • Goukakyuu no Jutsu
Katon • Housenka no Jutsu
Katon • Ryuuka no Jutsu
Katon • Karyuu Endan
Shunshin no Jutsu - Body Flicker Technique
Kage Bunshin no Jutsu - Shadow Clone Technique
Kage Shuriken no Jutsu - Shadow Shuriken Technique
Kai - Release
Kokohi no Jutsu - False Place Technique
Kasumi Juusha no Jutsu - Mist Servant Technique
Magen • Kasegui no Jutsu
Unnamed Mind-controlling Dōjutsu
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Shunshin no Shisui
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